Keyboard shortcuts for AMBOSS

Last updated: July 14, 2020

Keyboard shortcuts for questionstoggle arrow icon

Shortcut Action
  • A - G
  • Select answers A - G
  • Q
  • Highlight key info
  • P
  • Open attending tip
  • Space
  • Open all answers
  • T
  • Additional information (aka “the light bulb”)
  • X
  • Show difficulty (only available after answering a question)
  • 5
  • Show answer statistics (only available after answering a question)
  • S
  • Show answer (= give up)

Keyboard shortcuts for articlestoggle arrow icon

Shortcut Action
  • Space
  • Open all article sections
  • W
  • Highlighting of high-yield information
  • R
  • Learning radar

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