Metal toxicity

Last updated: March 13, 2023

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Exposure to heavy metals such as mercury, lead, iron, and arsenic is harmful to the human body and can potentially cause both acute symptoms (e.g., local irritation, gastroenteritis, and pneumonia) and longterm effects (e.g., abnormal physical development, cancer, damage to the central nervous system, and kidney). Toxic metals have many industrial purposes and therefore represent occupational hazards for a number of professions. Industrial pollution with heavy metals can affect the wider population through the contamination of food (e.g., mercury in fish) and water (e.g., lead, arsenic).

For chronic diseases resulting from the inhalation of metal dust, see “Pneumoconiosis.”

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Overview of metal toxicities [1][2][3][4]
Metal Features of intoxication Pathomechanism Diagnostics Treatment
  • Induces oxidative stress on endothelial cells and disrupts ATP production
  • Detectable in urine
  • Detectable in blood
  • Clinical
  • Irreversibly inhibits selenoenzymes (restore antioxidant molecules) → ↑ oxidative damage [5]


  • Detectable in blood and urine
  • Stop exposure
  • Cleaning contaminated skin with running water
  • Clinical
  • Discontinuation of gold therapy
  • Detectable in blood and urine [7]

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ABCDEFGH: Anemia, Basophilic stippling, Constipation, Demyelination, Encephalopathy, Foot drop, Gum deposition/Growth retardation/Gout, Hyperuricemia/Hypertension

“It sucks to be a child with lead poisoning!” - succimer is used to treat lead poisoning in children.

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Acute vs. chronic iron poisoning
Characteristics Acute iron poisoning Chronic iron poisoning
  • Toxicity is common in pediatric care (ingestion of red iron tablets mistaken for candy).
Clinical features
  • Liver enzymes (AST, ALT)
  • Further diagnostics depend on the suspected underlying disease.

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  • Sources of exposure
    • Glass industry
    • Rat poison
  • Clinical features
  • Diagnostics: present in blood and/or urine

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